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Ductless Air Conditioners

Stylish, slim and elegant, ductless cooling-only wall mounted units are designed to cool where normal central air can't be installed.  The ductless units Evan's carries have a clean, aesthetic design and are small but mighty and shorter in length than competing units, helping them blend into any room. Ideal for spaces requiring additional capacity but are limited on space.  The flexibility of the variable speed compressor helps systems adapt to shifts in heat load by additional guests or afternoon sun.

Ductless Central Air Advantages:

  • They’re easy to install. These cooling systems can be installed in much less time than it takes to put in central air conditioning. A two-person crew would need at least a week to install the ductwork and other components of a central air conditioning system. A ductless minisplit system could be installed from start to finish in a day.
  • They don’t take up much space. Their compact size makes ductless AC units perfect for cooling small living spaces, such as apartments and dorm rooms. They’re also great for cooling individual rooms in larger homes, particularly basements and attics, which are usually not ventilated well.
  • They're easy to operate. Most ductless air conditioners have a remote control that enables you to easily increase or lower the temperature of the air coming from your unit. Feeling too cold in bed? You can adjust the room temperature with your remote control, without getting out of the covers. Try doing that with a central air conditioning system.
  • They’re cost-effective. Ductless air conditioners use considerably less power than traditional air conditioners, which saves on your energy bill. In addition, if you use multiple units, you can control the individual room temperatures in your house, which is more energy efficient than using a central air conditioning system to cool the whole house.
  • They’re quiet. Traditional air conditioners can make a lot of noise, but ductless ones are quiet. The noise they make is usually no more than a quiet hum. It amounts to background noise that is easily drowned out by conversation, music and television.

Our Quality Ductless Central Air Brands

Mitsubishi Cooling & Heating

Eco-comfort technology makes these systems smarter in how they use energy and minimizes their impact on the environment. Plus there are many advanced features like the i-see™ Sensor, that automatically detects room temperature differences and adjusts for greater comfort. Mitsubishi Electric's advanced multi-stage filtration systems dramatically reduce allergens and help eliminate odors. And our indoor units operate with sound levels starting as low as 19dB(A). That sound is even quieter than a human whisper.


For over 35 years, Fujitsu has been working hard to make the world a more comfortable place. They have produced and shipped millions of air conditioning systems throughout the world to make the hottest places cool and the coolest places comfortable.  Halcyon products have been designed to provide zoned comfort for residential and commercial applications. Engineered to install quickly and easily without ductwork, Halcyon systems provide cooling and heating solutions where others cannot.

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