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Water Heaters

Evan's Plumbing and Heating offers an extensive line of residential, commercial and industrial water heaters to fit any home size and usage needs.  We choose Bradford-White water heaters on all our installs because of their superior manufacturing standards, energy efficiency and affordability.

Over 100 Years of Excellence in Water Heater Manufacturing

Bradford White has been involved with manufacturing water heaters for over 100 years. While many water heater manufacturers sell their products through high volume home centers to anyone who walks through the door, they will only sell their products through plumbing and heating wholesale supply centers. Why? Because Bradford White is committed to the professional installation of their products.

Why a Professional Installation?

While there are many fun, interesting do-it-yourself projects, installing a water heater where gas, electric, open flame and carbon monoxide are involved is not one of them. We recommend that you rely on an experienced professional plumbing and heating contractor. Not only will they install it correctly and back their workmanship, but they also have access to a full line of the highest quality water heaters with features that simply can’t be found at retail centers. A professional will help you choose the right water heater for your application. It’s the right thing and the safe thing to do for yourself and your family.

Start Saving with an Energy Efficient Water Heater

If you've been thinking about replacing your old water heater or have a new build coming up, there's never been a better time to upgrade to a Bradford White hot water heater.  Call us today or visit our request service page to schedule an estimate.


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